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Filtration holds immense importance in the biopharmaceutical industry, where it plays a crucial role in removing contaminants from desired products and ensuring their sterility. Since pharmaceutical products are highly sensitive, not all sterilization methods can be employed, making filtration an indispensable process. Avantor offers a wide range of filtration solutions from filters to custom, complex filter assemblies for sterility and bioburden reduction.

Avantor Fluid Handling is an agnostic integrator of bioprocessing single-use components from multiple suppliers across the industry (filters, connectors, sensors, tubing, etc..). We maintain a vast qualified component library that encompasses components from the industry’s leading manufactures, and we manage a complete sterility validation program to mitigate risk.

Our filtration assemblies mainly focus on in Sterility or Bioburden Reduction and our qualified component library includes a comprehensive list of filters in sizes from industry-leading bioprocess filter manufactures. AFH offer fully customizable single use filtration solutions that can be designed with the tubing, sensors, and connectors to fit your processes.

Complexities of filtration


Pharmaceutical filtration is an umbrella term which includes different types of filtration techniques that are used in various aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. These filtration techniques are used to either purify or separate substances. According to the size of the substance that needs to be filtered and the nature of the different constituents of the mixture, various techniques are used across the industry. Some of the common pharmaceutical filtration techniques used include surface filtration, ultrafiltration and depth filtration. The entire process of filtration can be divided into five stages:


The first stage in the filtration process, which is used to remove larger debris. The prefiltration reduces the load on the downstream filters, thereby increasing the efficiency of the filtration process.


At this stage, the solution already has fewer solid particles due to prefiltration. This stage further removes cell debris and bulk cellular materials from the liquid.

Bioburden Reduction

This filtration stage involves reducing the population of microbes such as bacteria or viruses. It utilizes ultrafilters to eliminate the microbes.

Sterilizing Filtration

This is the last stage in the filtration process and is utilized in situations such as sterilizing the fluid through filter isolating the final Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) or during fill and finish operations.

Non-Filtration Separation

This filtration stage is highly important because it effectively reduces or removes or eliminates contaminants and unwanted substances so they can be absorbed onto surfaces, resulting in a cleaner and better quality product.

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As an agnostic integrator manufacturing single use assemblies, Avantor is well-positioned to meet your most challenging filtration needs. An Avantor expert is ready to help design the right system for you. Get started today.

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Standalone Filtration

Standalone Filtration

Avantor’s standalone filter offing includes filters for Sterility and Bioburden Filtration and Depth Filtration. Please see the products below for detailed information.

Depth Filtration

Depth Filtration

Depth filtration involves passing liquid through layers of filter media to remove a wide range particle sizes. Depth filters are best suited for prefiltration, cell harvesting, and in final separation processes.

Unparalleled quality you can rely on

ISO certified cleanrooms

Avantor Fluid Handling assemblies are manufactured in an ISO Class 7 (Class 10000) cleanroom.

Certified, compliant & registered

The assembly facility is IS0 -13485 certified and cGMP compliant.

Lot traceability

We offer full lot traceability. Identifying the production site, manufacturing date and origin of components.

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