Chemicals for sample preparation

Product Categories

ACS and Reag. Ph. Eur Solvents

Complete range of solvents suitable for a multitude of analytical and R&D applications with garanteed specifications conform to ACS and Reag PH EUR for most of them, available in different pack size.

ACS and Reag. Ph. Eur Acids and alkalis

For sample preparation, PH adjusters or other applications, acids and alkalis are often used. You will find a complete range of these products in different packs.

ACS and Reag. Ph. Eur salts

Complete range of salts in analytical grade conform to ACS, Reag PH EUR for the big majority.

Reag. Ph. Eur. Standard solutions

For quality control in pharmaceutical companies, over 250 standards and solutions conform to the last PH EUR version delivered with a complete CoA insuring a complete traceability.

Acids and Solvents in plastic bottles

Solvents and acids in plastic bottles are safe, virtually unbreakable, environmentally, friendly, light and easy to handle.

Acids and Solvents in coated glass bottles

This kind of "safe" packaging is really helpful for corrosive reagents. The PE-coating contains the product when the glass bottle is broken.


All inorganic salts are produced from inorganic raw materials. Since no animal-derived material is used for in the production of these compounds it can be assumed that they are BSE-free.

Decahydrates and dodecahydrates such as sodium carbonate decahydrate, sodium sulphate or di sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate lose some their crystallisation in water at 33 °C. It can be said that they melt in their own crystallisation water. It is, therefore, important to store and transport these compounds under cool conditions (below 20 °C) mainly during the summer months.