Työskentelet biologisilla prosesseilla valmistettavien lääketuotteiden kehitystyön tai teollisen tuotannon parissa. Se edellyttää toisenlaista lähestymistapaa HPLC-tarpeisiisi verrattuna lääkkeiden kemiallisesti syntetisoituihin vaikuttaviin aineisiin.

Peptide Mapping

If you are looking to characterise a protein produced via a biological process, this is the most used method for characterisation of mAbs and ADCs.

Method Transfer in BioChromatography

Your lab is looking into transferring a method from one HPLC to another? This need not be complicated with the right knowledge and process.

HiSpeed Monitoring of all Amino Acids

If you need to quantify all amino acids present in your culture media quickly and accurately, a dedicated amino acid analyser is a good option.

Identification of Small Peptides

You need to clearly identify small peptides in a sample, a simple mass spec is a great way for mass confirmation. Here we show why.