What our customers say about Duran® products

Erityiskiitos kaikille, jotka jakoivat mielipiteensä ja oman kokemuksensa Duran®  tuotteista. Poikkeuksellinen ja odottamaton palaute kertoo rakkaudesta tieteeseen päivittäisessä työssä.


Best lab-bottles I have ever used, very usefull for many purposes

Taattu laatu kaikissa Duran tuotteissa, joita on ollut jo vuosia laboratoriossa käytössä.

DURAN GLS 45 bottle, clear - this bottle is full of memories, I have used these bottles from the beginning of my career. They are very multi-function and easy to use, I couldn't even think about lab without these.

DURAN GL 45 laboratory bottles are clearly best bottles in respect to price-quality ratio. We use bottles for various applications i.e. buffer storage, hplc and sterilization. Highly recommend these products.

DURAN® Erlenmeyer flasks with narrow neck are essential in our laboratory and we use them every day.

DURAN® Volumetric flasks help me to conduct many kind of laboratory tests. These flasks are beautiful and so we keep them in a cupboard which has glass doors.

I use youtility bottles daily. They are the best bottles, because they are easy to handle, their shape is handfitting and their caps open easily.

I like using Duran bottles, because they come in all the necessary sizes and have also wide openings for some of our applications. They are long-lasting and sterilizable. Additionally, they look nice. :)

We use original Duran bottles everyday for many purposes and just because those are so multifunctional (suitability for storage bottles, mixing bottles, mobile phase bottles) those are best. Caps can turn tight easily (no spilling) and they can be opened easily without excessive forces. There aren't any other bottles than Duran.

I have used a large number of different kind of Duran glass wares and I have find them invincible. At the moment I`m attracted to square-shaped bottles.

DURAN GLS 80 bottle, brown: Brown glass protects photosensitive substances, wide opening allows easy and safe use of the bottle with powders and liquids, solutions are easy to filter because large funnels fit easily and firmly into the wide opening. Really great product!

DURAN TILT Media bottle: pipetting position eases handling considerably. An excellent idea.

DURAN Bottle, square: awesome space saver

Youtility bottles are the best bottles ever. They fit into hand perfect.

Youtility bottles have a nice marking way. The rubber bands with different colours gives a variable way to mark the bottles.