Flow Robotics – automation in minutes

Flow Robotics creates flexible, user-friendly liquid handling cobots for lab automation

A collaborative robot assisting you every day. Flowbot ONE can be used by anyone in the lab - no programming experience is required.

The technology behind flowbot ONE allows for automation of a great variety of pipetting tasks. You can combine flowbot ONE with other technologies in the lab ensuring a consistent running time and support your workflow with a high degree of flexibility. Especially in R&D labs, where procedures and sample types often change, there is a need for flexible adaptive technologies which can automate burdensome pipetting tasks and free up time to do more science.

Use flowbot ONE in e.g.:

  • R&D laboratories
  • Analysis laboratories

Use flowbot ONE for e.g.:

  • Serial dilutions in plates
  • Standard dilution series
  • Preparation and dilution for analysis, e.g. HPLC
  • Normalization of samples – also when they come in different tubes
  • Dispensing standards in test tubes
  • Screening programs allowing control of addition of several reagents/ingredients


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