Laboratory glassware washers, SlimLine, PLW 6111

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Laboratory glassware washers, SlimLine, PLW 6111
The PLW 6111 SlimLine laboratory washer offer a comprehensive and systematic solution to the reprocessing of laboratory glassware for analytical experiments.

  • Controls with flush, uninterrupted touch glass screen
  • All information visible at a glance thanks to 3,5" display
  • Maximum of 40 program slots (standard programs and vacant program slots)
  • Full glass door with integrated chamber lighting
  • Automatic door lock
  • Simple and effective cleaning
  • RS232 port for connecting to a printer or PC

The chamber, spray arms and tank filters are made from high grade stainless steel (DIN 1.4404/AISI 316L) with built-in softener*. Features heated boiler* for shorter cycle times and conductivity monitoring* for high level process security. It consists of HEPA H14 filter for sterile drying air.

Wide range of load carriers specifically designed for laboratory use. There is a maximum flexibility combined with intuitive use with a wide range of standard and configurable loading options. Possibility to reprocess even the smallest items of laboratory glassware through to very large containers (up to 50 L).

The innovative SmartLoad system enables chamber space to be used particularly efficiently. This is achieved by creating levels with different vertical clearances to perfectly match the goods requiring reprocessing.

The PLW 6111 series models are able to accommodate up to three baskets on telescopic racks. These baskets dock onto the water circulation system at four different heights. This allows a wide range of load height combinations, starting with using the lowest rack level only for a maximum vertical clearance of 630 mm.

Sertifikaatit: Compliance with EN 61010-1, EN 601010-1, CSA approved.

Tilaustiedot: Baskets and accessories are not included, these must be ordered separately. Please contact your Avantor sales representative/technical services for assistance with the product configuration.

Varoitus: * depending on model
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