Kiraalinen HPLC-kolonni, ChiraDex®

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Kiraalinen HPLC-kolonni, ChiraDex®
ChiraDex® is a versatile HPLC column characterised by broad enantioselectivity and can be used for the separation of enantiomers of numerous different classes of substances. ChiraDex® is based on beta-cyclodextrin covalently linked to spherical particles of silica, and is ideal for chiral separation of hydrocarbons, steroids, phenol esters and derivatives, aromatic amines, heterocycles with five- to seven-membered ring. Simply composed RP-eluents can be used in most separations.

ChiraDex® LiChroCART® -patruunat.
LiChroCART®-patruunoiden kanssa on käytettävä ManuCART®-pidikettä 1.51486.0001.
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