Pullo, kapea suuaukko, kahdeksankulmainen, kierrekorkilla

Toimittaja: Corning

391-0435EA 349 EUR
391-0435 391-0432 391-0431 391-0434 391-0433 391-0430
Pullo, kapea suuaukko, kahdeksankulmainen, kierrekorkilla
Pullot Muovipullot
PET, clear, with natural HDPE screw cap.

  • Packaged in convenient, shrinkwrapped trays within an outer bag to assure cleanliness
  • Bottles are sterilised to 10⁻⁶ SAL and certified nonpyrogenic
  • USP class VI compliant bottles are validated noncytotoxic and nonhemolytic

Ideal for storage and sampling of media, biologicals, and other aqueous solutions. The PET resin makes the bottle lightweight, break resistant and as transparent as glass. Leakproof, tamper-evident HDPE screw cap. Molded graduations for accurate measurements.
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