Kjeldhal steam distillation units

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Kjeldhal steam distillation units
Tislausjärjestelmät Kjeldahl-tislausjärjestelmät
behr steam distillation units are not just high performance units and reliable partners in your daily laboratory routine. An essential factor in the development and design of the devices was also the safety of the user.

  • Distillation time 2 to 4 minutes per sample
  • Level monitoring for the can set
  • Very simple and menu-driven operation through single control element
  • Programmable reaction and distillation time
  • Adjustable steam generating capacity (10 to 100%)
  • Detection limit: 0,1 mg N
  • Recovery rate: >99,5%
  • Reproducibility: ±1%

behr distillation units of the S series are the ideal supplement to the behr InKjel digestion systems. Depending on requirements, the user can choose between five steam distillation units. These are identical in the basic construction but differ in terms of operating comfort and degree of automation. The top model behr S 5 is prepared for working with an external titration device.
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