HPLC-järjestelmä, Chromaster

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903-0361EA 9560 EUR
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HPLC-järjestelmä, Chromaster
Kromatografiamenetelmät HPLC kromatografiajärjestelmät
The Chromaster HPLC system has established new limits in performance, ease of use, and robustness. Its design incorporates an extremely low dwell volume and a very low carry-over. In combination with very sensitive detector technology, especially the fluorescence detector, the Chromaster HPLC system is one of the strongest LC systems on the market. A huge amount of accessories and a modular set-up, enable an easy adaption to all customer needs, whether if it is used for an aggressive industrial or a high sensitive pharma application. VWR's relationship with Hitachi started over 30 years ago as a Merck Hitachi cooperation. During this time, the robustness and reliability of the Hitachi HPLC instruments has helped to build and develop a strong partnership.

  • 600 baarin (60 MPa) enimmäiskäyttöpaine vakiona
  • Erittäin alhainen näytteiden välinen kontaminaatio (<0,003 %)
  • Erittäin herkkä fluoresenssidetektori (optimoitu 30 nm:n rako)
  • Diodirividetektori, jossa erittäin vähäinen siirtymä (1,0×10–4 AU/h–1)
  • Erinomainen gradientin toistettavuus
  • UV- ja diodirividetektoreissa automaattinen aallonpituuden tarkistus
  • Ainutlaatuinen kosketusnäytöllinen käyttöliittymä

All pre-configured systems (with or without detector) are delivered with all necessary cables and an interface board.
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