Pipetti, yksikanavainen, mikropipetti, mekaaninen, Acura® manual 815

Toimittaja: Socorex

613-0559EA 199 EUR
613-0559 SOCO815.0750 SOCO815.0030 SOCO815.0005 SOCO815.0001 613-0564 613-0561 SOCO815.0400 SOCO815.0010Y SOCO815.0150 SOCO815.0250 SOCO815.0900 SOCO815.0600 SOCO815.0015 SOCO815.0800 SOCO815.0070 SOCO815.0080 SOCO815.0700 SOCO815.0060 SOCO815.0025 SOCO815.0090 SOCO815.0075 613-0562 SOCO815.0020 SOCO815.0032 SOCO815.0120 613-0563 SOCO815.0300 SOCO815.0040 613-0560
Pipetti, yksikanavainen, mikropipetti, mekaaninen, Acura® manual 815
Pipetit ja pipetintäyttäjät Pipetit
These pipettes show a very stable performance and provide consistent results for any analytical or routine tests.

  • Ergonomic shape, lightweight and soft plunger action
  • Volume setting is performed smoothly and precisely by turning push button; click-stops and free rotating caps prevent any unwanted volume alteration
  • Display is located at the front and therefore always visible at all times during pipetting
  • Justip™ tip ejector button
  • Autoclavable
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