Meander fusion chamber

Toimittaja: BTX
700-4804EA 2010 EUR
Meander fusion chamber
Elektrodit ja niiden oheistarvikkeet Elektroporaatioelektrodit
The BTX Meander Fusion Chamber is a novel microslide design which is specifically used for electro cell fusion. The chamber generates a divergent field and is used for fusion of mammalian cells, plant, yeast, fungi and microorganisms.

  • This specialty electrode is constructed of a conductive metal alloy
  • Two primary bars that are connected by many tiny fingerlike projections spaced 0,2 mm apart
  • Electrode is mounted on a glass slide for direct viewing of dimer formation during alignment under microscope

Generator compatibility: ECM 2001

Voltage range: 0 to 480 V DC; 16 V (0 to peak) AC

Pulse length range: 1 µsec to 99 msec

Number of pulses: 1 to 99 (depending on voltage)
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