Vesinäytepullo, water sampling, octogonal

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GOSSHP250B-53 GOSSHP500B-50 GOSSP1000B-52 GOSSHP250B-50 GOSSHP250B-52 GOSSHP1000B-52 GOSSHP500B-51 GOSSP250B-51 GOSSHP500B-52 GOSSP1000B-51 GOSSP500B-51 GOSSHP250B-51 GOSSHP1000B-51 GOSSHP1000B-53 GOSSP250B-52 GOSSHP1000B-50 GOSSP500B-52
Vesinäytepullo, water sampling, octogonal
Pullot Vesinäytepullot
The water samling bottles, made of PET, transparent, with screw cap are undosed or dosed with sodium thiosulphate, which inhibits the effects of chlorine, bromine and ozone present in the water when the sample is taken.

  • Molded graduations
  • Unbreakable
  • Tamper-evident screw cap
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