Mixed-mode chromatography sorbents, HEA and PPA HyperCel™

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Mixed-mode chromatography sorbents, HEA and PPA HyperCel™
Proteiinien puhdistukseen liuokset
HEA and PPA HyperCel™ sorbents are industry scalable chromatography sorbents designed for protein capture and impurity removal in a biopharmaceutical environment. Operating on a "mixed-mode" mechanism, their behavior is based on a combination of electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions of the proteins with the ligands. HEA and PPA HyperCel™ sorbents provide unique selectivities, different from those given by ion exchange or conventional HIC (hydrophobic interaction chromatography), that can be screened to facilitate process development.

Average particle size: 80 - 100 µm
Bead composition: high porosity crossed-linked cellulose

Dynamic binding capacity for BSA (10% breakthrough)*: 40 - 60 mg/ml
Ligand: aliphatic (HEA) hexylamine; aromatic (PPA) phenylpropylamine
BSA recovery: >90%

Working pH: 2 - 20
Cleaning pH: 1 - 14

Pressure resistance: <3 bar (44 psi)
Typical working pressure: <1 bar (14 psi)

* Determined using 5 mg/ml BSA in PBS, flow rate: 100 cm/h
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