PIG® FIRE-DRI absorbent granules

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PIG® FIRE-DRI absorbent granules
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PIG® FIRE-DRI is a granular organic product, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. With its fireproof property, it can be used for liquids and applications where the use of fire resistant products is desired.

  • PIG® FIRE-DRI is a vegetable absorbent made up of resin wood dust, dried at high temperatures and processed to develop a fireproof behaviour
  • After absorbing liquid spills, it leaves clean, dry and safe surfaces, free from oily sheen
  • This fire-retardant material is capable of absorbing more than 3kg of oil per 1kg of product
  • This natural, renewable resource absorbent has a low environmental impact since it can be eliminated by incineration
  • Woodfibre is PEFC certified, which shows commitment to forest sustainable development
  • Non-toxic material contains no silica and is safe to handle and use

Non-abrasive, light-weight material is ideal for petrol stations, garages, airports, service companies, cleaning companies, railway stations, transport companies, emergency equipment, firemen, army and more.

Weight: 6 kg per bag

Volume Bag: 30 L
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