Lockout kits

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Lockout kits
These portable lockout kits are tailored for specific applications and budgets.

Lockout mini starter kit:
Two 25 mm safety lockouts (red/yellow)
Two 38 mm safety lockouts (red/yellow)
Six 38 mm Brady safety padlocks (one of each colour)
Nylon lockout hasp.

Lockout intro kit (supplied in nylon lockout pouch):
Small UVLO base unit, small blocking arm for use with UVLO, cable for use with UVLO, APCLO with sheathed cable
Two Brady safety padlocks (red)
One blank tag

Ultimate lockout kit (supplied in duffel bag):
Large universal valve lockout base clamping unit; large blocking arm
Cable attachment; adjustable gate valve device; APCLO with sheathed metal cable
Large plug lockout device; Red butterfly valve lockout; Cylinder tank lockout; Gas cylinder lockout; Mini cable lockout
227 V no-hole circuit breaker; 480 to 600 V No-hole circuit breaker; 480 - 600 V Breaker blocker kit
Miniature circuit breaker demo kit (1 of each type); economy multipole breaker
Nylon lockout hasp
One pack of safety padlocks (red)
One pack of 25 mm safety lockouts (red)
"Do not operate" tag and pen
Large lockout pouch and lockout belt pouch.
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