VWR® Q Path® MicroStar II, Kasetit

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Q Path® MicroStar II
720-2073EA 228 EUR
720-2073 720-2074 720-2072 720-2077 720-2078 720-2075 720-2076 720-2079 720-2080
VWR® Q Path® MicroStar II, Kasetit
Histologiset kasetit Kudos- ja biopsiakasetit
Acetal polymer. Suitable for holding and identifying tissue samples in processing, embedding and sectioning procedures. Resistant to all commonly used histological solvents. Cassettes with separate disposable lid, supplied in distributing box with 2×1000 cassettes and 1×2000 lids. This cassette has been specially designed for cassette burners.

  • Helppokäyttöiset pieniaukkoiset kasetit
  • Saranoitu erillinen kansi
  • 45 asteen kulmassa oleva kirjoituskenttä
  • Kasettien pinta on uurrettu, mikä helpottaa avaamista valamisen jälkeen
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