Työhousut, pitkät, sade, Rotterdam 4500

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Flexothane® Classic
SIOE4500/FY1/1XLEA 38.9 EUR
SIOE4500/FY1/1XL SIOE4500/C38/M SIOE4500/H45/1XL SIOE4500/Y58/L SIOE4500/A41/S SIOE4500/FY1/M SIOE4500/B90/2XL SIOE4500/A41/M SIOE4500/C38/2XL SIOE4500/H45/L SIOE4500/H45/M SIOE4500/B90/3XL SIOE4500/Y58/2XL SIOE4500/B90/L SIOE4500/Y58/3XL SIOE4500/H45/3XL SIOE4500/Y58/S SIOE4500/FY1/S SIOE4500/B90/1XL SIOE4500/C38/1XL SIOE4500/Y58/1XL SIOE4500/C38/L SIOE4500/H45/2XL SIOE4500/A41/1XL SIOE4500/FY1/L SIOE4500/C38/3XL SIOE4500/C38/S SIOE4500/FY1/3XL SIOE4500/B90/M SIOE4500/H45/S SIOE4500/A41/3XL SIOE4500/A41/L SIOE4500/FY1/2XL SIOE4500/B90/S SIOE4500/A41/2XL SIOE4500/Y58/M
Työhousut, pitkät, sade, Rotterdam 4500
Water- and windproof rain trousers made of Flexothane® Classic consisting of 100% polyamide knitting with PU coating.

  • Supple, stretchable, lightweight
  • Extended durability, high frequency welded seams
  • Legs adjustable by press studs
  • Elasticated waist

Weight: 180 g/m²

Sertifikaatit: ENV 343 (3-2)
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