Työhousut, pitkät, Crafts, FAS-288, Cordura®

Toimittaja: Fristads Kansas Group
KWIN100293941C44EA 88.9 EUR
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Työhousut, pitkät, Crafts, FAS-288, Cordura®
Working trousers made of FAS®, Fristads best navy twill manufactured from 100% cotton.

  • Rounded knees, Cordura® reinforced knee pockets with opening for height-adjustable knee pads
  • Two tuckable, Cordura® reinforced loose-hanging pockets, one with extra pocket, one with three small pockets and tool loops
  • Two front pockets, two large, Cordura® reinforced back pockets
  • Folding ruler pocket with button and loop for sheath knife and pen pocket over side seam
  • Mobile phone pocket withflap, leg pocket with flap and concealed ID-card pocket
  • Two hammer loops, D-ring

Weight: 375 g/m²
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