AccuStart™ II PCR ToughMix®

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AccuStart™ II PCR ToughMix®
Nukleiinihapporeagenssit End-point PCR Enzymes and Kits
AccuStart™ II PCR ToughMix® is a 2X concentrated ready to use reaction cocktail for PCR amplification of DNA templates that overcomes many known inhibitors of PCR often present in crude samples extracted from environmental specimens, plant tissues, or animal tissues. It contains all components, except primers and template.

Kit components:
AccuStart II GelTrack™ PCR ToughMix®: 2X mix containing optimised concentrations of MgCl₂, dNTPs, reaction buffer, hot start DNA polymerase, stabilisers and gel loading dyes.
GelTrack™ Loading Dye: 50X concentrated mixture of RT-PCR compatible, blue and yellow electrophoresis tracking dyes.
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