AccuStart™ II Mouse genotyping kit

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AccuStart™ II Mouse genotyping kit
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The AccuStart™ II Mouse Genotyping kit is designed for fast and easy preparation of PCR-ready DNA extracts and endpoint PCR analysis from tissues such as tail snips and ear punches commonly used for genotyping knockout and transgenic animals. The kit combines Extracta™ DNA Prep for PCR - Tissue with AccuStart™ II GelTrack™ PCR SuperMix in a single kit.

  • Simple, fast protocol
  • GelTrack Loading Dye pre-mixed
  • High yield, high sensitivity
  • Precise amplification - hot-start technology ensures specific and efficient primer extension
  • Superior reproducibility and precision

Extracta™ reagents allow rapid extraction of PCR ready DNA that can be used directly in PCR reactions eliminating time consuming or expensive purification steps. AccuStart™ II GelTrack PCR SuperMix has been optimised for genotyping applications that commonly utilise 3 or more primers in multiplex PCR reactions that allow amplification and analysis of two or more targets in a single reaction such as normal and mutant alleles of a gene knockout or that determine the presence or absence of transgene constructs in transgenic animals. AccuStart™ II GelTrack PCR SuperMix contains all components for PCR (except primers and template) simplifying reaction assembly, improving assay reproducibility, reliability and reducing the risk of contamination. The PCR SuperMix is a 2X concentrated, ready-to-use reaction cocktail for routine endpoint PCR amplification of DNA fragments up to 4 kb and subsequent analysis by agarose gel electrophoresis. The PCR SuperMix additionally includes electrophoresis-tracking dyes that migrate at approximately 4 kb and 50 bp to allow direct loading of PCR product on agarose gels following amplification.

Kit components:
Extracta™ DNA Prep for PCR - Tissue, 2×25 ml Extraction Reagent and 2×25 ml Stabilisation Buffer
AccuStart™ II GelTrack PCR SuperMix (2X)
5×1,25 ml of 2X reaction mixture containing optimised concentrations of MgCl₂, dNTPs, AccuStart™ II Taq DNA Polymerase, AccuStart Taq antibodies, reaction buffer, stabilisers and gel loading dyes
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