Protein enrichment kit, FOCUS™ PhosphoRich™

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Protein enrichment kit, FOCUS™ PhosphoRich™
Proteiinien puhdistusjärjestelmät Protein Extraction Kits
FOCUS™ PhosphoRich™ is a ready-to-use kit that enriches phosphorylated proteins and phosphopeptides from complex biological samples. The kit contains spin columns that have a phosphoprotein binding resin with a binding capacity of ~20 mg phosphorylated ovalbumin per column. The resin columns supplied with the kit can be reused, if regenerated and stored properly. FOCUS™ PhosphoRich™ is suitable for 2D gel electrophoresis and for proteomics and cell signalling studies.

  • Uses a phosphorylated protein binding spin column protocol
  • Rapid binding and elution of phosphoproteins

PhosphoQuant™ is specifically designed for quick and reliable determination of whether a purified protein is phosphorylated and the extent of phosphorylation. The assay is based on the alkaline hydrolysis of phosphates from seryl and threonyl residues in phosphoproteins and the subsequent quantification of the released phosphate with a Molybdate dye.
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