VWR® PolarSafe Dots, Cryo-Labels

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VWR® PolarSafe Dots VWR®
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VWR® PolarSafe Dots, Cryo-Labels
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PolarSafe Dots are made from chemically inert polyester with a unique adhesive formulated to adhere to laboratory glass and plastic ware. These dots will not only withstand conventional freezing (−80 °C) but can also be used for most cryogenic storage applications (vapour phase nitrogen storage at −196 °C). No need for separate labelling solutions for your cryo-preservation units and your ultra low freezers. The labels can even be used in incubators. PolarSafe Dots do not require self lamination to be effective. The sleeker labels mean your tubes will still fit most storage systems without the label sticking or being torn off. The wide range of sizes allow you to label your whole experiment permanently, from micro-centrifuge tube to cryovial, microtiter plate to storage boxes.

  • Stands a wide range of temperature
  • Adheres to several kinds of materials
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