Puhdastilan pyyhkeet, Polynit Heatseal, Prosat®

Toimittaja: Contec
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Puhdastilan pyyhkeet, Polynit Heatseal, Prosat®
Pyyhkeet, liinat ja sienet Puhdastilan pyyhkeet Esikyllästetyt puhdastilan pyyhkeet
These heat seal wipes are made from filament polyester that is laser cut to bond the fibres at the edges of the wipes. This creates a very clean, non abrasive edge that allows full utilisation of the wipe surface. The wipes are saturated with 70% USP grade IPA, 30% DI water.

  • Exceptionally low in particles and extractable residue
  • Pre-saturation greatly reduces solvent usage and maximises process control and consistency
  • Abrasion and chemical resistant

Ideal for general purpose and critical cleaning.

Colour: White

Varoitus: Tällä sivulla olevat tuotteet eivät kuulu EU -direktiivin 2019/904 soveltamisalaan
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