Inkubaattori, BOD-inkubaattori, FOC Series

Toimittaja: VELP Scientifica
VELPF10300305EA 1740 EUR
Inkubaattori, BOD-inkubaattori, FOC Series
Inkubaattorit BOD Incubators
These BOD incubators have been designed to keep any product at a constant temperature, where accurate and precise temperature control is required. For applications where monitoring the sample is extremely important, the I models are ideal. The controlled heating and cooling thermoregulation system enables the user to select an operating temperature between 3 and 50 °C. The E models have wireless connection for TEMPSoft™. The I models have an internal transparent door and wireless connection for TEMPSoft™ and an auto tuning system which provides constant control of the internal temperature, by continuously comparing the detected and set values and aligning them via a precise and rapid adjustment system. All models have two internal sockets.

  • TEMPSoft™ software, wireless connection is available in different languages, enables complete control of the cooled incubator (set point, minimum and maximum temperature alarm thresholds)
  • User can view the trend of the internal temperature on a graph and record the temperature trend on a spreadsheet
  • Set working temperature ramps with different temperatures and times
  • View and record any alarms and store and export test data to help conformity with GLP
  • The A+ class cooling system helps ensure units save energy and are highly efficient with limited power consumption and lower operating cost
  • Temperature stability and homogeneity: ± 0,5 °C
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