Vacuum manifolds, Visiprep

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Vacuum manifolds, Visiprep
Solid phase extraction vacuum manifolds allow to simultaneously process up to 12 or up to 24 SPE tubes. Precise flow control is provided through each SPE tube by rotating the independent, screw-type valves in the cover, this ensures the packing will not dry out in some tubes while others finish draining.

  • A solvent-resistant vacuum bleed gauge and valve offer sealing and vacuum control, by screw-type mechanism fitted with a PTFE seal
  • The stand-alone cover with legs prevents the PTFE solvent guides from resting on the work surface and damage or contamination
  • The glass basin will not dissolve, fog, or discolor when exposed to solvents
  • An optional PP splash guard inserts into the basin to eliminate splashing

The PP collection vessel rack accommodates autosampler vials, small scintillation vials, 10 and 16 mm test tubes, and 1, 2, 5 and 10 ml volumetric flasks. An optional plate for the 12-port model enables to collect samples in up to ten 20 ml scintillation vials.

DL (Disposable Liner) solid phase extraction vacuum manifold eliminates the possibility of contamination from one sample to the next in the same manifold port. A disposable PTFE solvent guide runs through each flow control valve. The guide acts as a liner, ensuring that all surfaces that come in contact with the sample can be replaced following each extraction.

The guide consists of two parts: a polypropylene luer hub which attaches to the SPE tube and the thin-walled length of Teflon tubing that acts as the liner/solvent guide. The Luer hub fits snugly into a matching slot on the flow control valve stem. As the SPE tube is rotated, the valve pinches or releases the liner, stopping or starting flow.

Tilaustiedot: DL SPE manifolds includes 100 liners.
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