Swep single MicroControl mops

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Swep single MicroControl mops
In controlled environments the rooms need to be kept clean, healthy and reliable. Clean meaning ultra-clean, with surfaces free of particles, bacteria and contamination. MicroControl is the high-end reusable mop developed and manufactured by Vileda Professional, ensuring continuous cleaning performance down to a micron level. MicroControl is designed for cleaning floors, walls and ceilings.

  • The 100% microfiber mop ensures that contaminations are not only removed from the cleaned surface but also captured, ensuring very high cleaning performance with little effort
  • The multi-layer composition with inner felt layer, guarantees high absorbency and the heat-set backing results in compatibility for all sterilisation methods
  • On top of the MicroControl mop, the innovative cleaning lips enable easy and effective cleaning of skirting boards during floor cleaning
  • Suitable for sterilisation (autoclave or radiation)
  • High chemical resistance
  • Durability up to 200 washing cycles or 50 decontamination cycles (including sterilisation)

Based on the pre-prepared method the mops are ideal for industries with own laundry facilities. The pre-prepared system allows the user to reduce his/her overall cleaning costs, plus it saves time during both cleaning and preparation.

Designed for use in cleanroom class ISO 5/GMP A+B FED209D Class 100 according to Helmke drum classification cat. II (IEST-RP-CC-003-87-T).
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