Capillary pipettes, pre-calibrated, Vitrex®

Toimittaja: Vitrex Medical

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Capillary pipettes, pre-calibrated, Vitrex®
Pipetit ja pipetintäyttäjät Mikrokapillaarit
Vitrex® pre-calibrated pipettes are for users who require very accurate capillary tube volume. The pipettes are manufactured to ISO 7550.

  • Packed in cardboard vials
  • Standard length of 125 mm
  • Each tube is provided with a colour code for the volume from its base up to the ring mark

Accuracy: ±0,30% (1 to 5 µl); ±0,25% (10 to 200 µl)
CV: 0,60% (1 to 5 µl); 0,50% (10 to 200 µl).
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