Rotary evaporators, Rotavapor® R-100 Essential

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Rotary evaporators, Rotavapor® R-100 Essential
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The R-100 is available as a stand-alone unit or as a complete ready to use kit (Essential Solution kit). The Essential Solution kits provide an economical and complete high-end evaporation solution. The kits include a Rotavapor® R-100 evaporator, a regulated vacuum pump (V-100), an interface (I-100) and an optional chiller (F-100 / F-105) to cover all the main evaporation applications efficiently.

  • Combi-clip prevents the loosening of the flask during rotation
  • Vapour duct is easily removed from the drive to allow easy cleaning of the sealing system with no risk of the glass breaking
  • Small footprint saves valuable lab space and resources thanks to the centrally integrated system
  • Reproducible yields are achievable thanks to the stability of the integrated heating bath, vacuum pump and chiller
  • Powerful heating bath accepts flasks up to 4 L in size and has a digital readout of the current temperature
  • Plastic coated glass (P+G) available for added safety

The V-100 vacuum pump is an economical solution, designed to meet essential needs. Its compact and lightweight design is matched by its reliability.

The recirculating chillers F-100 / F-105 eliminate the need for water cooling, ensure reproducible cooling temperatures and reduce solvent and heat emissions to a minimum. The cooling temperature of the F-100 is fixed at 10 °C whereas the F-105 features an adjustable temperature with a higher cooling capacity. In addition, the F-105 offers ON/OFF regulation when used in conjunction with the Interface I-100.

The I-100 interface connects all of the components of the system to ensure a smooth and safe operation.

Glassware C: Dry ice condenser for distilling solvents with low boiling points, uncoated glassware or P+G coated glassware (Safety protective coating). No cooling water is necessary.

Glassware V: Vertical condenser for standard distillations, uncoated glassware or P+G coated glassware (Safety protective coating).

Toimitustiedot: R-100 is available as a stand-alone unit including glassware only or as a Essential Solution kit including glassware, vacuum pump, interface and optional chiller.

Varoitus: * With transparent plastic coating
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