Kädessä pidettävät mikroskoopit, Dino-Lite® Medical, EarScope

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Dino-Lite® EarScope Dino-Lite®
630-2609EA 664 EUR
630-2609 630-2607 630-2610
Kädessä pidettävät mikroskoopit, Dino-Lite® Medical, EarScope
With this handheld microscope users can easily inspect and photograph the ear canal, the ear drum and the outer ear. Ideal for use in general practice, in Audiology and for ear, nose and throat specialists.

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  • Käytännölliset, laadukkaat yksityiskohdat ja kirkkaat värit
  • Pieni ja luotettava laite korvien tutkimiseen

The image can be viewed on a computer screen to simplify diagnosis simplifies and also allows the patient to watch the images as well. The images, either still photo or video, can be stored digitally and easily added to a patient file or forwarded to a colleague.

The EarScope Basic MEDL3E has a VGA resolution and is particularly suitable for home use. The speculum is removable and can be cleaned.

The EarScope Pro MEDL4E is intended for professional use, has a 1,3 MP resolution and comes with replaceable specula of 3, 4 and 5 mm. Ten pieces of each size are included and re-ordering of the specula is possible.

The EarScope Pneumatic MEDL4EP is the top model with a 1,3 MP resolution. With this model, the physician has the additional function of blowing a puff of air into the ear canal which allows him to assess the mobility of the eardrum that can point to a glue ear. Just like the EarScope MEDL4E this model has replaceable specula, in this case 2,5 and 4 mm.

Sertifikaatit: Vastaa lääkintälaitedirektiivin 93/42/ETY (muutettu direktiivillä 2007/47/EY) mukaisia vaatimuksia.

Toimitustiedot: Mukana toimitetaan kuljetuspussi, ohjelmisto-CD ja kalibrointikortti.
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