Pullo, kapea suuaukko, pyöreä, boston type

Toimittaja: EP Scientific
EPSC249-0125EA 67.4 EUR
EPSC249-0125 EPSC149-0125 EPSC149-0500 EPSC249-0500 EPSC149-1000 EPSC249-1000 EPSCS349-0125 EPSCS149-0125 EPSC349-1000 EPSC149-0250 EPSC249-0250
Pullo, kapea suuaukko, pyöreä, boston type
Pullot Lasipullot
Soda lime glass, Class III, amber

Ideal for solvent, collecting water samples for a variety of organic and inorganic target analytes. Amber coloured for light-sensitive materials. These bottles are available as certified, processed and unprocessed with the following features.

Certified bottles: It is designed to meet or exceed EPA Performance based specifications for semi-volatile organics, pesticides, PCBs and metals analyses. Each bottle is individually barcoded with lot number and unique container number for traceability and certificate of analysis (CofA) is included in the case.

Processed bottles: It comes with all the features of certified bottles, but bottles are not barcoded and certificate of analysis (CofA) is not included.

Unprocessed bottles: Bottles are ready for your own in-house cleaning and certification process.

Pakkaus: Carton sealed with security tape providing tamper evidence. The chipboard divider packaging to cushion and help prevent breakage; overpack required for shipping.
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