Centrifugal concentrators, complete systems and system packages, CentriVap®

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Centrifugal concentrators, complete systems and system packages, CentriVap®
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CentriVap® vacuum concentrators are available as complete systems or system packages. The acid resistant model is recommended for corrosive solvents (TFA, acetic acid, and so on). Other models feature Heat Boost, which surrounds the chamber wall, to further speed evaporation of high boiling point solvents.

  • Epoxy-coated aluminium chamber
  • Centrifugation, controlled by microprocessor, up to 1725 min⁻¹ and heating, controlled by microprocessor up to 100 °C
  • Control panel with on/off button, pre-heating button, optional Heat Boost button, parameter setting, three Quick-Start™ buttons and Quick-Stop™ system
  • Automatic vacuum release valve
  • Wide LCD shows the program number, current and recommended temperature, heating time, cycle time and optional Heat Boost activation

Tilaustiedot: The CentriVap® Complete™ System is an all-in-one unit that includes the concentrator, cold trap (−50 °C), vacuum pump, rotor, and stroboscope for viewing samples during operation.
CentriVap® System packages are designed for specific applications and include concentrator, cold trap, chemical trap with corresponding cartridge, rotor, tubing and fittings, but not the required vacuum pump.
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