Lisävarusteet, density kits for VWR balances

Toimittaja: VWR, part of Avantor
611-2551EA 814 EUR
611-2551 611-2553
Lisävarusteet, density kits for VWR balances
Complete kits that, together with the appropriate balance, allow the user to calculate the density of liquids (such as beverages) or non absorbent solids (rocks, polymers, gems, glass, metals etc). The density wizard function is already included as a built-in function of the balance (except for SE models: 611-2605, 611-2606, 611-2607, 611-3236, 611-3246, 611-3299, 611-3344). Density kits are not designed for use with moisture analysers. Both kits contain similar items, the difference is the balance cone attachment:

  • Measuring glass cup 150 mm high, Ø 50 mm, 250 ml
  • Measuring glass cup 95 mm high, Ø 65 mm, 250 ml
  • Thermometer
  • Glass sinker
  • Sample holder for floating/non floating samples
  • Hanging arm for sample holder or sinker
  • Sample holder/sinker support
  • Measuring glass cup support

Density kit DT002 for VWR® SM, SMG, LA, LAG, LP, LPG, LPW, LPWG, LPC, LPCG, SE or TS, TA, TP, TPW or TPC series of analytical balances with readability of 0,01; 0,1 or 1 mg.

Density kit DT004 for VWR® LP, LPG, SE or TP and TP series precision balances with readability of 0,01 g.
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