Facial tissues, KLEENEX®

Toimittaja: Kimberly-Clark
KIMB1126EA 19.4 EUR
Facial tissues, KLEENEX®
Pyyhkeet, liinat ja sienet Kertakäyttöliinat ja -pyyhkeet Kasvopyyhkeet
These soft hand towels are made from strong, highly absorbent AIRFLEX* fabric and conveniently supplied in a stylish, splash-resistant pop-up box to keep towels clean and dry until they're needed. Ideal for use instead of folded cotton towels to dry your hands quickly and comfortably in office and hotel washrooms.

  • 1-ply, interfolded towels
  • No need for refilling or laundering
  • Single sheet dispensing: Dispensed one at a time so they're touched only by the user

Colour: White
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