Pullo, kapea suuaukko, laboratoriopullo, amber, DURAN® protect, DURAN®

Toimittaja: DWK Life Sciences

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Pullo, kapea suuaukko, laboratoriopullo, amber, DURAN® protect, DURAN®
Pullot Lasipullot
DURAN®, borosilicate glass 3.3, protect, amber, without screw cap and pouring ring.

  • Very good chemical resistance, high temperature resistance
  • Minimal thermal expansion, giving relatively high resistance to temperature changes
  • Purely external application of the colour ensures unchanged DURAN® properties on the interior
  • Glass Type I according to USP, EP and JP
  • Amber glass meets USP 671 and Eur. Ph. 3.2.1. for protection against UV light

Round, with graduation and DIN thread. The coating provides scratch, leak and splinter protection and is ideally suited to both the transport and storage of hazardous media or valuable samples.

With printed retrace code (batch identification).

**Ring-shaped reinforcement on the bottle shoulder makes the filling line of the nominal volume visible

Sertifikaatit: ISO 4796-1
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