Culture media, ready to use, in plates

Toimittaja: Liofilchem
LIOF10035/S LIOF10037/S LIOF10037 LIOF11038 LIOF10048 LIOF10047 LIOF10030 LIOF11054 LIOF10097 LIOF11053 LIOF20126 LIOF11037 LIOF163432 LIOF11614 LIOF11230 LIOF10036 LIOF163572 LIOF10022 LIOF10413 LIOF11183 LIOF10620 LIOF10042 LIOF11185 LIOF10057 LIOF163862 LIOF10032 LIOF10127 LIOF11210
Culture media, ready to use, in plates
Elatusaineet mikrobiologiaan Valmisteltu viljelyaine Prepared Media in Petri Dishes
Culture media for microbial identification.

  • Selective chromogenic medium, Chromatic™ available
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