First aid cabinets, QuickSafe

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First aid cabinets, QuickSafe
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QuickSafe is a flexible first aid solution that you can easily tailor to your particular needs. The cabinet takes up little more than an A3 sheet of paper. So it's easy to place where the products are to be used. You can choose between several types of stations, where the content varies and is tailored specifically for your industry.

  • Wall stations in impact-resistant plastic with a transparent cover
  • Comes with instructions and fixtures for wall mounting
  • QuickSafe Complete: First aid station that fits into any work situation
  • QuickSafe Food Industry: Specifically aimed at the food industry, including kitchens and canteens
  • QuickSafe Empty: Allows you to fill your QuickSafe station with exactly the products that suit your needs

Contents of QuickSafe Complete and QuickSafe Food Industry:

2×500 ml Plum Eye Wash
1×200 ml pH Neutral
20 pcs. QuickClean wound cleansing wipes
18 pcs. QuickCool burn gel
1 pc. QuickStop compression dressing kit

Additional content for QuickSafe Complete only:
5 pcs. QuickRinse eye wash ampoules
1pc. QuickFix Elastic plaster refill

Additional content for QuickSafe Food Industry only:
1 pc. QuickFix Detectable plaster refill
1 pc. QuickFix Detectable Long plaster refill

W×D×H: 253×92×430 mm
Colour: Green
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