PCR clean up kit, Cyclo-Prep™

Toimittaja: VWR Life Science

K600-50RXNEA 266 EUR
PCR clean up kit, Cyclo-Prep™
Cyclo-Prep PCR Clean-Up Kit is a spin column-based purification kit for the rapid isolation of PCR fragments following amplification.

  • Rapid isolation of PCR fragments
  • Fast spin column format
  • Pure product ideal for cloning and sequencing

After clean up, ultra-pure isolated DNA may be used for restriction enzyme digestion, labelling, hybridisation, ligation, DNA cloning and fluorescent sequencing protocols. The Cyclo-Prep™ PCR Clean Up Kit contains all necessary reagents for DNA purification with no hazardous phenol or chloroform, making it both safe and effective.

Toimitustiedot: Includes binding buffer, 55 ml; wash buffer, 16 ml; elution buffer, 10 ml; spin columns, (50); and collection tubes (50). Contains material for 50 isolations.
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