KOD Xtreme™ Hot Start DNA polymerase

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KOD Xtreme™ Hot Start DNA polymerase
Nukleiinihapporeagenssit End-point PCR Enzymes and Kits
KOD Xtreme™ Hot Start DNA Polymerase is an ultra high fidelity DNA polymerase designed for the most challenging PCR applications, including crude sample PCR, amplification of long strand and highly GC-rich DNA templates.

  • Utilises a DNA polymerase with a low error rate
  • Amplifies directly from minimally processed samples
  • Allows highly efficient crude sample PCR target amplification

It is an optimised PCR enzyme for the amplification of long or GC-rich DNA templates, including mouse tail-tips, plant tissues and synthetic biology applications. The system includes an ultra high fidelity KOD DNA polymerase complexed with two monoclonal antibodies to permit Hot Start thermocycling, along with specially formulated 2X buffer. KOD Xtreme Hot Start DNA Polymerase quickly and accurately amplifies genomic and phage/plasmid DNA targets up to 24 and 40 kbp, respectively. KOD Xtreme Hot Start DNA Polymerase successfully amplifies challenging DNA templates with up to 90% GC content.

Toimitustiedot: Each kit provides 200 U KOD Xtreme Hot Start DNA Polymerase, an optimised buffer and dNTPs sufficient for 200 amplification reactions.
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