Mask packages, H 60 series

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ENTEH6060-09-67C02EA 0 EUR
ENTEH6060-09-67C02 ENTEH60-60-09-0615 ENTEH60-60-0615 ENTEH60-50-0615 ENTEH60-3035-0615 ENTEH60-25-0615 ENTEH60601567C02 ENTEH6040-06-67C02 ENTEH6040-09-67C02 ENTEH60-45-06-0615 ENTEH60-51-63A09 ENTEH60-40-09-0615 ENTEH60-60-15-0615 ENTEH60-40-06-0615 ENTEH60-51-67C02 ENTEH60-60-63A09 ENTEH6060-12-67C02 ENTEH60-60-12-0615 ENTEH60-50-67C02 ENTEH60-51-0615
Mask packages, H 60 series
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Holds one mask or reticle.

  • Manufactured and packaged in a cleanroom environment
  • Bagged and sealed in a cleanroom bag and heat sealed in a second polyethylene bag
  • Living hinge
  • Compact and stackable
  • Dust-proof
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