AVM® – Aseptic Validation Medium

Toimittaja: Döhler
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AVM® – Aseptic Validation Medium
Elatusaineet mikrobiologiaan Valmisteltu viljelyaine Prepared Media in Bottles
Powder for production of AVM® Liquid - for the validation of aseptic filling lines for beverages and for the validation of filling line components within challenge-testing. AVM® – Aseptic Validation Medium – is the registered brand name of the Linden Grain medium in the Döhler Microsafety Design® portfolio. This medium allows standardised detection of beverage-spoiling bacteria, yeast and mould for validating aseptic filling lines for beverages with a pH value of between 3,0 and 6,3, such as soft drinks, juices and even dairy products. AVM® Powder is a Linden Grain medium in powder form for the production of a liquid medium. It is available in 20 kg units in sealed plastic buckets. The pH value is also set individually by the customer. Döhler exclusively uses raw materials of non-animal origin in AVM® Broth and Concentrated Broth, thus eliminating the risk of animal materials entering the beverage production process. You can use AVM® as a standardised culture medium for: validation of aseptic filling lines; regular revalidation; validation following maintenance or servicing on the line; challenge tests for checking the function of individual device components.

  • Flexible formats for immediate use – ready-to-use or five-fold concentrated liquid medium for immediate use or powder with excellent solubility and simple handling for storage and use as needed
  • Time saving – standardised, ready-mixed medium, tested for functionality, made from strictly-checked raw materials for individual pH value adjustment
  • Fast detection – detection after 5 to 7 days of incubation thanks to the medium's ideal composition
  • Maximum efficiency – simple handling for fast approval
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