Nutrient agar (DEV)

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Nutrient agar (DEV)
Elatusaineet mikrobiologiaan Valmisteltu viljelyaine Prepared Media in Bottles
Complex agar for the enumeration of the total plate count, e.g. in water as per DEV (Deutsche Einheitsverfahren - German standard published by DIN). The nutrient agar in accordance with DEV is suitable for cultivation and determining the total bacterial count of bacteria with average nutrient needs in water and foods. It meets the requirements of § 35 LMBG, the DEV – German standard method – and DIN 38411. The nutrient agar in accordance with DEV is suitable for your quantitative and qualitative analysis of:
• drinking water
• spring water
• table and mineral water
• well water
• rinse water
• food

  • Ready-to-use – can be liquefied directly in the bottle
  • Universally applicable – Basic culture medium for membrane filtration, pour plate method and streaking method
  • Reliable result after 1-2 days – fast detection for determining the total viable count
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