HPLC-kolonni, LiChroCART®, Superspher® 100 RP-18e

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LiChroCART® Superspher® LiChroCART®
1.50178.7138EA 415 EUR
1.50178.7138 1.50172.7138 1.51431.7138 1.50228.7138 1.50201.7138 1.51443.7138 1.51445.7138 1.50171.7138 1.50179.7138 1.51442.7138 1.50236.7138 1.51444.7138 1.51449.7138 1.50233.7138 1.50173.7138 1.51448.7138 1.50234.7138 1.50229.7138
HPLC-kolonni, LiChroCART®, Superspher® 100 RP-18e
Stainless steel LiChroCART® cartridges are available with various types of Superspher® sorbents.

These LiChroCART® cartridges require part number 1.51486.0001 manu-CART® cartridge column holder, which can be used to hold one cartridge column with or without a  4×4 mm guard column. LiChroCART® columns 250×10 mm require part number 1.51419.0001 manu-CART® 10. The short LiChroCART® columns can be ordered as a set including the corresponding cartridge holder and one cartridge, or as a pack of 3 cartridges without cartridge holder. The separate part numbers for the cartridge are as follows: 1.50227.0001 LiChroCART® cartridge holder for 30 mm cartridge and 1.50226.0001 LiChroCART® cartridge holder for 55 mm cartridge.
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