Superdex 200 Increase small-scale SEC columns

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Superdex 200 Increase small-scale SEC columns
Superdex 200 Increase size exclusion chromatography columns are well suited for high-resolution analysis and small-scale purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAb) and other biomolecules with Mr~ 10000 to 600000.

  • Enhanced performance: Improved resolution and runtime compared to predecessor Superdex 200
  • Very high resolution: Small bead size and narrow particle size distribution provide high resolution, for high protein purity
  • High flow rates: Rigid beads give excellent pressure/flow properties

Superdex 200 Increase is a next-generation, dextran-agarose composite matrix for SEC. With smaller and more rigid beads than their predecessors, Superdex Increase columns deliver higher resolution purification in shorter run times.
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