VWR®, Ravistelijat, ravisteleva inkubaattori, 5000I and 5000IR

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444-7112EA 14030 EUR
444-7112 VWRU10027-214 444-7109 VWRU97009-896
VWR®, Ravistelijat, ravisteleva inkubaattori, 5000I and 5000IR
Ravistelijat Inkubaatioravistelija
VWR® incubating/refrigerating 5000I/5000IR orbital shakers are designed for a variety of shaking and incubating applications, such as cell culture, solubility studies, bacterial suspensions and extraction procedures. Large capacity platform holds up to 22,7 kg. Variable speed, microprocessor control provides consistent, uniform mixing action. Microprocessor will display last set point and will restart if power is interrupted. Ramping feature slowly increases speed to set point for added safety. The Accu-drive shaking system delivers exceptional speed control, accuracy, safety and durability. System continuously monitors shaking speed and will maintain set point even under changing loads. Displayed speed is accurate to 1% of set speed (when speed is above 100 min⁻¹), below 100 rpm, ±1 rpm.

  • Three independent LED displays show speed, temperature and time
  • Integral timer, 1 s to 160 h, shows elapsed time or counts down, automatic switch-off and audible alarm when program is complete
  • Microprocessor PID temperature controller maintains precise temperature from ambient +5 to 65 °C (5000I) or from 15 below ambient (5000IR), adjustable in 1 °C increments and recalls last set point, even when unit has been shut off. Will also restart if power is interrupted
  • Opti-Flow forced ventilation system delivers exceptional uniformity
  • Overload protection – audible and visual signals will activate when system detects an obstruction or a tray overload
  • Polycarbonate lid enables samples to be viewed, without altering internal temperature. When lid is opened, automatic shut-off circuit will stop shaker platform to protect operator
  • Uses the same accessories as the VWR shaker line

Built-in load sensor can detect an unbalanced condition and will automatically reduce min⁻¹ to a safe speed to prevent spills and protect samples. Powerful triple-eccentric drive and brushless motor is designed for continuous use and is able to handle heavy loads. Spill resistant design protects internal components from accidental spills and leaks. Removable tray design allows chamber to be cleaned easily. Opti-Flow forced ventilation system uses twin induction fans (5000I) or one large, fan (5000IR) and air deflectors to deliver exceptional temperature uniformity and stability. Over-temperature sensor will shut down unit and activate audible and visual alarms if temperature deviates ±1 °C from set point. Speed calibration mode enables user to automatically recalibrate speed display. Temperature calibration mode allows user to calibrate unit to an external temperature device and RS232 serial port provides two-way communication for data logging and unit control.

Toimitustiedot: Supplied with a non-slip mat which fits optional universal tray (444-0967) and 2340 mm detachable power cord. Required accessories must be ordered separately.
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