Human recombinant STNF

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Human recombinant STNF
TNF receptor I (TNFRI), also known as TNFRSF1A and CD120a, is a pro-inflammatory cytokine and member of the TNF Receptor superfamily. TNFRI is ubiquitously expressed and stored in the Golgi until receiving inflammatory stimuli. It serves as the main receptor for TNF-alpha, but also binds TNF-beta (LT-alpha). TNFRI contains a cytoplasmic death domain that, along with TRADD, participates in activating the classical NF-kB pathway and in initiating apoptosis. Binding of TNF-alpha or –beta to TNFRI results in the activation of this signal transduction pathway. Cleavage or shedding of TNFRI from the cell surface results in a soluble format that is released into general circulation where it binds TNF with high affinity, acting as a TNF antagonist. sTNFRI has also been associated with various disease states including rheumatoid arthritis.
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