Culture media, in petri dishes, BACTair™

Toimittaja: Sartorius

SART14320-110-ACDEA 96.1 EUR
SART14320-110-ACD SART14321-110-ACD
Culture media, in petri dishes, BACTair™
Elatusaineet mikrobiologiaan Valmisteltu viljelyaine Prepared Media in Petri Dishes
BACTair™ culture media plates are prefilled agar media plates used for microbiological air monitoring. Airborne microorganisms are directly captured on the culture media plates, where the plates function directly as collection heads. They are supplied prefilled with different media. These plates filled with culture medium should be stored at +15°C to +25°C.

  • Sterile and gamma irradiated
  • Individually packaged in PE bag
  • Integrated disposable sieve
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