Protein magnetic beads, Protein A, Protein G, Pierce™

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Protein magnetic beads, Protein A, Protein G, Pierce™
Helmet ja partikkelit Magnetic Beads
These protein magnetic beads are high-capacity and high-throughput affinity particles for antibody purification and immunoprecipitation methods using manual or robotic magnetic separators.

  • Higher efficiency in yield of IP target antigens
  • Low non-specific binding of stable, pre-blocked beads provide highly purified product
  • Magnetic beads eliminate resin loss and provide for more efficient separation than traditional IP methods that use only centrifugation
  • Beads are compatible with manual and automated workflows making it versatile

Recombinant protein, covalently attached to a blocked magnetic bead surface, can bind to antibodies from many different species, enabling purification of antibodies from crude extracts. Immunoprecipitation assays performed with protein coated beads result in high yield of target antigen with very low background. This also prevents IgG contamination in IP or Co-IP experiments.

These beads are used for purifying antibody from serum, cell culture supernatant or ascites, as well as for IP/Co-IP of antigens from cell or tissue extracts. Protein A can bind to antibodies from many different species, including mouse, human, rabbit, pig, dog, and cat, while Protein G binds to antibodies from mouse, human, rabbit, cow, goat and sheep.

They can be used manually with a magnetic stand, as well as with automated platforms. Antibody or antigen/antibody complex (IP) is first captured on the magnetic beads. The beads are washed and then the target is eluted with low pH elution buffer.
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