Protein L magnetic beads, Pierce™

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Protein L magnetic beads, Pierce™
Helmet ja partikkelit Magnetic Beads
These protein L magnetic beads are high-capacity and high-throughput affinity particles for antibody purification using manual or robotic magnetic separators.

  • Immobilized Protein L is ideal for selective purification of human and mouse antibodies that have kappa light chains
  • Low non-specific binding of stable, pre-blocked beads provide clean purification of antibody
  • Beads are compatible with manual and automated workflows making it versatile

Recombinant Protein L, covalently attached to a blocked magnetic bead surface, selectively binds mouse and human antibodies through kappa light chains. The beads are commonly used to purify monoclonal antibodies in cell culture supernatants supplemented with bovine serum as Protein L does not bind bovine IgG.

These beads are ideal for purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies that bind poorly to Protein A or Protein G magnetic beads, purification of monoclonal antibodies from culture supernatants supplemented with bovine serum, protein L IP and co-IP assays and purification of ScFv and Fab fragments containing kappa light chains.

They are typically used for purifying mouse and human antibodies containing kappa light chains from serum, cell culture supernatant or ascites. Protein L can bind a broader range of Ig classes including IgG, IgM, IgA, IgE and IgD. It also binds strongly to human (kappa I, III and IV only), mouse (kappa I only), rat and pig immunoglobulins.

It binds weakly to rabbit immunoglobulins and does not bind bovine, goat or sheep immunoglobulins. Single chain variable fragments (scFv) and Fab fragments also bind to Protein L.

The beads can be used manually with a magnetic stand, as well as with automated platforms.
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