Protein refolding kit, Pierce™

Toimittaja: Thermo Scientific
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Protein refolding kit, Pierce™
Proteiininpuhdistusjärjestelmät Protein Purification Resins
The Pierce™ Protein Refolding Kit includes high-purity reagents and detailed instructions for using a matrix strategy to determine optimal buffer conditions for refolding recombinant proteins that have been denatured and solubilised from inclusion bodies.

  • Conditions and components examined are limited to those having the most significant and general utility as folding buffers
  • Three-level matrix design significantly reduces the amount of secondary optimisation required and increases the ease of data interpretation
  • Allows refolding experiments to be customised to the target protein; known positive and negative interactions between buffer components are addressed, minimising unnecessary analyses
  • Reagents are formulated using stringent standards so that consistent results are attained

The Protein Refolding Kit contains the essential reagents and complete strategy for determining optimal buffer conditions to refold denatured recombinant proteins to restore native structure and function. Nine base refolding buffers form a matrix that includes a range of strong and weak denaturant conditions for the suppression of protein aggregation. The supplied additives are used as additional matrix factors, depending on the protein type being refolded. Buffer components are examined at three concentration levels, allowing a wide spectrum of folding conditions to be tested within one experiment. The adjustable design allows matrix conditions to be tailored to the target protein, preventing sample waste and unnecessary analysis, while maximising refolding yields.

Toimitustiedot: The kit is accompanied by a comprehensive refolding guide with details on isolating, solubilising and purifying inclusion bodies, optimising refolding conditions, and analysing refolding yields.
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